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About Me!

About 200,000 years ago, modern man developed. 35,000 years ago, Homo Sapiens fully replace Neanderthals in Europe. 2,000 years ago, the Pax Romana was in full swing. 110 years ago, people were all like, 'Dude! Powered flight! Awesome!' 30-some years ago, I was born in Buffalo, New York, being the Queen City of the Lake. I grew up, got a B.A. in History, worked for the Defense and State Departments in DC for a while, traveled around a bit through Europe, the Middle East, & Asia, got a Master's in Middle and Adolescent Education, and became a hard-boiled Freelance Educator who has taught throughout America and delivers exhilarating, two-fisted Social Studies action!


Usually Blog articles are updated each Monday morning.  Occassionally something might come up, such as being ill on posting day, and it'll be a day late.  I appreciate your patience!

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