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The Stars At Night,
Are Big And Bright
Deep In The Heart Of
New Germany!

A few years back, I brought to your attention the attempt made by some brave, yet ill-prepared Scots to establish a Scottish colony in what is now Panama.  Another nation that doesn't get talked about when it comes to colonization is Germany.  At least, not until the end of the 19th Century when Germany gets the rest of Europe's   Read More. . .

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The Battle of Texel:
When General Winter Sided With France

I've never been a fan of the French Revolution.  It was a violent, bloody affair responsible for a great deal of the socio-political problems of the past two hundred years.  Worse yet, it's often misrepresented as a great step for 'Liberty, Equality, & Fraternity.'  That being said, there were some nifty parts of the Revolutionary   Read More. . .

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. . . Some People Started RTTPing,
Not Knowing What It Was. . .

Back in the beginning of the month, I began talking about a document I reviewed in one of my Professional Developments last spring 'Select Excerpts from the notice of Proposed Requirements – Race to the Top Provisions Related to Principals and School Leaders.'  At one point I said:   . . . I'm still formulating ideas about   Read More. . .

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America's Smallest Nuke
The Deadly Davy Crockett

Even more than micronationalism, I love the Solid Grease era of the 1950s and Early 1960s.  Poodle Skirts and Doo-Wop.  Ike and the Brooklyn Dodgers.  And of course, a fanatical* infatuation with atomic weapons. Following the armistice in Korea in 1953, the United States and NATO were concerned by the potential for Soviet and   Read More. . .

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Common Good or Consumer Good?

What is our purpose as Educators?  Is Education a Common Good or a Consumer Good?  Or is it something else altogether? This was one of the theses that emerged from one of the Professional Development course on the History of American Education I participated in last Spring.  Should everyone receive an Education?  Or should   Read More. . .

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The Genovesi Man With A Plan
The Real Meaning Of Columbus Day

Note: This article originally was posted on 12 October 2015.  It's been updated for this year and has a postscript with thoughts I've had after some debates from last Columbus Day. Today is Columbus Day, and here at Two-Fisted History, we happily celebrate it!  We happily celebrate it, but it makes us wary for one particular   Read More. . .

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This is the Race
That Nev-ver Ends

Last Semester, one of our in-class readings was 'Select Excerpts from the notice of Proposed Requirements – Race to the Top Provisions Related to Principals and School Leaders' compiled by the National Association of Elementary School Principals.  It was simultaneously enlightening and frightening, and became heavily annotated in   Read More. . .

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Qiu Jin:
China's Modern Mulan

The history of China is pretty rad.  For starters, China is the longest continually running civilization – going back to at /least/ 2100 BC.  China has tons of great stories to tell. Even at the end of the 19th century, China was still an Imperial Monarchy. In 1875, during the Qing/Manchu Dynasty, a woman named Qiu Jin was born   Read More. . .

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