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On Critical Thinking

There've been quite a few news stories lately that have caused hooplas on the internet (and politicians & organizations who take internet opinions seriously).  Harambe, the Orlando shooting, BLM, Target's bathrooms, Bill Clinton & Loretta Lynch's 'Secret Meeting', etc.  We live in a world so overly-connected that every news item   Read More. . .

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Europe's Anomalous Neutral Zone:
Neutral Moresnet

Moresnet I love geopolitics.  Specifically, nationalism.  Even more specifically, Micronationalism.    The idea of city-states and the smallest number of like-minded and similarly cultured people ruling themselves gives me goosebumps.  This story isn't quite an example of Micronationalism. But I think it'll be a   Read More. . .

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Welcome to Season 3!

It's been a hectic several months since Season 2 of Two-Fisted History ended!     During the Spring Semster last year, I was fortunate to teach Economics at a truly awesome school in the Greater Dallas area along with taking some pretty rad professional development courses at the University of Dallas.  Unfortunately, when   Read More. . .

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In Which Mr. S
Has Been
Less Than Diligent

My apoligies to all and sundry fans of Two-Fisted History   The past three months have been busier than I could've imagined.  In January, I was contracted as a 12th Grade Economics teacher at one of the most fantastic schools in the Dallas Area.  I also started taking two University courses as Professional Development for   Read More. . .

Hey! Unto You!

Some may be wondering what has happened to regular posting over the past three weeks.  I do apologize for the tardiness in my posting, but there has been an exciting development at Two-Fisted History Athenaeum & Respository of Relics and Antiquities. I'm pleased and honoured to announce the birth of the first in the next generation of   Read More. . .

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American Eugenics
The Case of Buck v. Bell

Disclaimer:  The work below is wholly the work of the late Dr. Warren Carroll.  It's presented with permission from Dr. Andrew Beer at Christendom Press.  I'm greatly indebted to both.  Eugenics, whether in the form of forced sterilization, abortion, or the insidious promotion of contraceptive and abortifaicent agents is a   Read More. . .

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Classroom Ideas
Colonial America

I'm taking a thoroughly enjoyable course this semester as part of my Professional Development.  I wanted to share the answer I gave to one of my homework questions because I thought that these are some ideas that I'd love to institue in a US History class. 4.)       Visit This site   Read More. . .

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Margaret Sanger:
Patroness of Eugenics

This 22 January will mark the 43rd anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court's handing down of their decision in the controversial case of Roe v. Wade which guaranteed the right to abortion in the United States.  It seemed as if this was an appropriate time to take a couple weeks to discuss the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger,   Read More. . .

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