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'Snakes Will Smoke'
The Brazilians Fight Against Germany

A couple weeks ago, Germany thoroughly trounced Brazil in their World Cup match.  A reader who follows Two-Fisted History on Facebook sent in this request:     'With the focus surrounding the 7-1 defeat of Brazil by Germany, I heard Brazilians were in WWII and fought against the Nazis, maybe there's a possibility you could   Read More. . .

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Brazilian By Birth,
Confederado By The
Grace Of God

The American Civil War ended in the Spring of 1865 with a crippling defeat of the Confederacy.  Suddenly, 9 million residents of the Southern United States found themselves as people without a country.  Many families had had their homes looted and burned.  Southern railroads and riverboats had been destroyed.  Northern   Read More. . .

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