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Terror From The North:
The St. Albans Raid

The American Civil War.  A nation divided.  State versus State.  Brother versus Brother.  Talk of the Civil War usually makes one think of the Great Battles: Vicksburg in Mississippi. Antietam in Maryland.  First & Second Bull Run in Virginia.  Sherman's March through Georgia and the Carolinas, and of course,   Read More. . .

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Betsy Doyle:
Way More Of A Hero Than
Laura Secord.

Having gone to school with Canadians and being married to one, I've heard about Laura Secord, a Massachusetts Loyalist who moved to Canada after the War for Independence and became a Canadian national hero during the War of 1812, ad nauseum.  Fortunately, this Two-Fisted History isn't about that no-good, rotten collaborator.  This   Read More. . .

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Fort George
Public & Living History Done Right

I had an interesting experience this week.  I finally had the opportunity to visit Fort George in Ontario’s Niagara Region.  I’ve often visited Fort Niagara just down river and on the American side, but this was the first time that I had visited the Anglo-Canadian Fort.  I was especially stoked to visit this War of   Read More. . .

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If Ifs & Buts. . .
Winnipeg holds 'If Day'

Hey, did you know that the Nazis occupied the bustling Canadian metropolis of Winnipeg?  It’s true, and as a result, over $60 million was raised for the war.  How did they manage all this?  Well hold on a minute and I’ll tell you about it. In early 1942, the Winnipeg Victory Loan Committee needed to sell more Victory   Read More. . .

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Defence Scheme No. 1:
Canada's Plan to Invade
The United States

Canada is a wonderful place with wonderful people.  I love their peameal bacon and their pea soup.  Their real maple syrup, Mounties, moose, & Hockey Night.  Canadians are pretty awesome people and great neighbours for the most part.  The US and Canada haven’t always been on the greatest of terms, however.  In   Read More. . .

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The Hines Identity:
The Confederacy's Top Action Spy

In April 1861, both the Union and the Confederacy thought that the War Between The States would be an open-and-shut case.  The Confederates thought that the Union wouldn’t really want to put up a fight over the matter, and the Union believed that they were just going to war against some ignorant planters.  Little did either   Read More. . .

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The Pig War
Between Great Britain
the United States

Before 1846, the Oregon Country was a hotly contested piece of real estate located between California, Russian Alaska, British Canada, and the chunk of the United States Where the Louisiana Territory ended.  In 1846, Britain and the U.S. signed a treaty making the border between Canada and the U.S.   ‘. . . the 49th Parallel   Read More. . .

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