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Common Good or Consumer Good?

What is our purpose as Educators?  Is Education a Common Good or a Consumer Good?  Or is it something else altogether? This was one of the theses that emerged from one of the Professional Development course on the History of American Education I participated in last Spring.  Should everyone receive an Education?  Or should   Read More. . .

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The Real Pipeline to Prisons Problem

One of the pieces of forming a Citizen Scholar is teaching our future Citizen Scholars how to function in an ordered society.  Schools are microcosms for the 'real' world; training grounds for the society and culture that the Citizen Scholar will join upon formation (often, even during it).  How, then, do we want our Citizen Scholars   Read More. . .

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CARE To Protect Your Bum.

I don't know how many people in the Education world now reading this article have PLCs in their school, or who have participated in a PLC.  For the uninitiated, PLC stands for 'Planned Learning Community.'  After participating in dozens in a South Florida school, I'm still not sure what purpose a PLC serves.  During my graduate   Read More. . .

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Common Core, Classical Education,
And Citizen Scholars
(Oh My!)

This is the tale of two History classes.  Both of them were 11th Grade US History classes, but unlike each other in almost every other way.  In the first class, the students are bright-eyed and active.  Thoroughly engaged in the topics as the teacher begins discussing the events leading up to the American Civil War, the students   Read More. . .

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Ruminations On The
One Room Schoolhouse

I bet you didn’t know that I taught in an honest-to-goodness One Room Schoolhouse.   Well, ok, I wasn’t a stereotypical colonial or frontier schoolmaster.  I was an interpreter at the Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village in the Williamsville Schoolhouse Building.  It was a fascinating look at the bygone days of my   Read More. . .

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Classical Education:
No School Like The Old School

‘Mother Teresa was elected to the Pericles along with Jono Kenyatta and Martin Luther.  She was very outspoken, but mostly when she spoke.  She was elected because she knew what the people feared.' ‘Lyndon Johnson sent troops into Vietnam because they crashed planes into the World Trade   Read More. . .

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Digital Distraction?

‘Mr. S, we’d learn better if we had iPads and didn’t have to take notes.’ I was told earlier this week. ‘Yeah?’ I asked.  ‘How would iPads help you learn what taking notes can’t?’ ‘Umm. . . we could make movies.  Like in English class!’ ‘What would you make   Read More. . .

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The Premise of Citizen Scholars

Every April, the colleges and universities in Western New York hold ‘Teacher Recruitment Day’ for their Education alumni where they can interview with representatives from school districts across the country.  Generally the representatives are Human Resources Specialists who ask the traditional ‘What are your   Read More. . .

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