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Europe's Anomalous Neutral Zone:
Neutral Moresnet

Moresnet I love geopolitics.  Specifically, nationalism.  Even more specifically, Micronationalism.    The idea of city-states and the smallest number of like-minded and similarly cultured people ruling themselves gives me goosebumps.  This story isn't quite an example of Micronationalism. But I think it'll be a   Read More. . .

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Free Beer:
The Great London Beer Flood

October 17th, 1814 was a grey, dreary Autumn morning much like any other in St. Giles Parish in Central London.  St. Giles Parish was a poor and generally residential neighbourhood with the obligatory pub. Anarchic and poverty-stricken, it was particularly overcrowded and had little sanitation for the many people who lived side-by-side in   Read More. . .

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German Zion:
The Anabaptist Rebellion at M√ľnster

I first came across this one way back when I was finishing my undergraduate program, and it's probably what first gave me the idea to write on fun, strange, & interesting historical people, things, & events that you likely won’t learn in Social Studies. Europe was a crazy place in the Mid-1500s.  The Protestant Revolution had kicked   Read More. . .

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