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The Battle of Texel:
When General Winter Sided With France

I've never been a fan of the French Revolution.  It was a violent, bloody affair responsible for a great deal of the socio-political problems of the past two hundred years.  Worse yet, it's often misrepresented as a great step for 'Liberty, Equality, & Fraternity.'  That being said, there were some nifty parts of the Revolutionary   Read More. . .

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Europe's Anomalous Neutral Zone:
Neutral Moresnet

Moresnet I love geopolitics.  Specifically, nationalism.  Even more specifically, Micronationalism.    The idea of city-states and the smallest number of like-minded and similarly cultured people ruling themselves gives me goosebumps.  This story isn't quite an example of Micronationalism. But I think it'll be a   Read More. . .

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Those Intrepid Aeronauts:
A Brief Look At
Manned War Ballooning

'Venice is being bombarded with balloons. . . ' Sounds like something out of a Jules Verne novel, doesn't it?   Wrong!  That's what the Presse of Vienna announced, according to Scientific America in August of 1849.  Believe it or not, the history of balloons in military operations predates the Austrian reconquest of Venice by   Read More. . .

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