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Finding Uncle Sam
Stand Back!
I'm Going To Do

I have to confess: I really haven’t written an article this week.  I’ve spent just about all of my free time this week working on a side project. I’ve always been fascinated by the few stories I’d been told of my Great Uncle Sammy who was a tail gunner on a B-24 Liberator in the 15th Air Force.  He was shot   Read More. . .

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Thinking Like A Historian

Thinking as a Historian does can help you learn how to analyze information, see the relationships between causes & effects, make sense out of the past and make connections to the present, learn how to communicate by making well-reasoned arguments, and give a deeper understanding of people.  Just like the Scientific Method, Historians have   Read More. . .

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Sy-STEM-ic Failure:
Is STEM Education Overfunded?

Less than a year after the Soviet Union launched Sputnik in 1957, the United States government, alarmed that the country was falling so far behind in the Space Race, passed the National Defense Education Act; providing billions of dollars to U.S. universities and colleges for math and technology studies to produce skilled workers.  Ever   Read More. . .

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A Day Late and a Dollar Short:
Economics or Finance?

Economics generally seems to be the Social Studies class that both teachers and students tend to be least enthused about. The Social Studies class first year teachers say, ‘Oh yeah, I love Economics.  Let me teach that,’ and then run away from it as soon as World or US History opens up.  The curriculum gives the impression   Read More. . .

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'Why Do We Have To Study History?' - Part II

'. . .But Mr. S, History is booooooooring!' I never knew why so many people thought of History as ‘boring.’  My best guess is that, with the way that most state curriculums are set up, History is just one long series of causes and effects with a bunch of names and dates tossed in.  History is so much more than that,   Read More. . .

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'Why Do We Have To Study History?' - Part I

The most frequent question I hear from students is, ‘Why do we have to study history?  It’s soooooo boring!’   One of the most important reasons for studying History is that it teaches us how to think critically. What is Critical Thinking?  We all think.  ‘What am I going to do after   Read More. . .

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