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This is the Race
That Nev-ver Ends

Last Semester, one of our in-class readings was 'Select Excerpts from the notice of Proposed Requirements – Race to the Top Provisions Related to Principals and School Leaders' compiled by the National Association of Elementary School Principals.  It was simultaneously enlightening and frightening, and became heavily annotated in   Read More. . .

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Test All The Things!

  'Life's a forge! Yes, and hammer and anvil, too! You'll be roasted, smelted, and pounded, and you'll scarce know what's happening to you. But stand boldly to it! Metal's worthless till it's shaped and tempered! More labor than luck. Face the pounding, don't fear the proving; and you'll stand well against any hammer and   Read More. . .

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Clients, Not Products

Modern cultural conceptions expect that every occupation has a tangible, measurable product that is associated with it - something that can be used to measure productivity and competence.  If you work in a factory, your product is whatever gets turned out.  If you work as a financial manager, your sales are your   Read More. . .

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Classical Education:
No School Like The Old School

‘Mother Teresa was elected to the Pericles along with Jono Kenyatta and Martin Luther.  She was very outspoken, but mostly when she spoke.  She was elected because she knew what the people feared.' ‘Lyndon Johnson sent troops into Vietnam because they crashed planes into the World Trade   Read More. . .

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