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Fueling Revolutions: History of Coffee Pt. II

Up until the 1710s, and even after for a while, most of Europe’s coffee was shipped either from Alexandria or from the port of Mocha in what is today Yemen.  As I said last week, however, the Dutch plantnapped some saplings and cuttings from the Ottomans in 1616 and started growing coffee across the empire they established over the   Read More. . .

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Blessed Bean or Devil's Brew?
History of Coffee Pt. I

Like most teachers, I drink a lot of coffee.  I’m not as into it as one teacher I know who has his own roaster and grinder in his room, but I do need a cup or two of Joe to get me going in the morning.  What’s the real skinny on this bitter bean?  How was it first discovered and how has it changed the world? Coffee   Read More. . .

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