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Terror From The North:
The St. Albans Raid

The American Civil War.  A nation divided.  State versus State.  Brother versus Brother.  Talk of the Civil War usually makes one think of the Great Battles: Vicksburg in Mississippi. Antietam in Maryland.  First & Second Bull Run in Virginia.  Sherman's March through Georgia and the Carolinas, and of course,   Read More. . .

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Those Intrepid Aeronauts:
A Brief Look At
Manned War Ballooning

'Venice is being bombarded with balloons. . . ' Sounds like something out of a Jules Verne novel, doesn't it?   Wrong!  That's what the Presse of Vienna announced, according to Scientific America in August of 1849.  Believe it or not, the history of balloons in military operations predates the Austrian reconquest of Venice by   Read More. . .

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Robert Smalls
And The
Hijacking of CSS Planter

Robert Smalls was born in 1839 in Beaufort, South Carolina.  Being of African descent, you might probably assume that he was born a slave. . . and you’d be right. Robert spent his early years living in his master’s house.  When he turned 12, however, his master shipped him off to Charleston where he was leased out to   Read More. . .

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Brazilian By Birth,
Confederado By The
Grace Of God

The American Civil War ended in the Spring of 1865 with a crippling defeat of the Confederacy.  Suddenly, 9 million residents of the Southern United States found themselves as people without a country.  Many families had had their homes looted and burned.  Southern railroads and riverboats had been destroyed.  Northern   Read More. . .

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