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Operation Hannibal:
The Reichsmarine's Finest Hour

Most people don't think of East Prussia when they think of Germany, but at one point in History, Germany owned a good chunk of what is today Poland's Baltic coast; including GdaƄsk and Königsburg.  Like other parts of Germany, East Prussia was ravaged and despoiled by the Soviet Red Army juggernaut which swept across the Eastern   Read More. . .

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'Snakes Will Smoke'
The Brazilians Fight Against Germany

A couple weeks ago, Germany thoroughly trounced Brazil in their World Cup match.  A reader who follows Two-Fisted History on Facebook sent in this request:     'With the focus surrounding the 7-1 defeat of Brazil by Germany, I heard Brazilians were in WWII and fought against the Nazis, maybe there's a possibility you could   Read More. . .

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Finding Uncle Sam
Stand Back!
I'm Going To Do

I have to confess: I really haven’t written an article this week.  I’ve spent just about all of my free time this week working on a side project. I’ve always been fascinated by the few stories I’d been told of my Great Uncle Sammy who was a tail gunner on a B-24 Liberator in the 15th Air Force.  He was shot   Read More. . .

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The Madagascar Plan

For nearly 2,000 years, since the Roman destruction of Jerusalem, the Jewish people have roamed the Earth.  By the Middle Ages, most wound up settling in Eastern & Southern Europe.  It’s not a secret that anti-Semitic attitudes flourished throughout Europe from the Middle Ages onward. By the 1800s, both Jewish Nationalists and   Read More. . .

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Holding Out For A Hiroo:
The Last Japanese Holdout

Pop Quiz:  How long did the Second World War last?  Depending on where you’re from and your point of view, you might say anywhere from three years to five years.  For one man, the war lasted much, much longer than that. Hiroo Onoda was working at a trading company in Japanese-held Wuhan, China.  He enlisted in the   Read More. . .

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If Ifs & Buts. . .
Winnipeg holds 'If Day'

Hey, did you know that the Nazis occupied the bustling Canadian metropolis of Winnipeg?  It’s true, and as a result, over $60 million was raised for the war.  How did they manage all this?  Well hold on a minute and I’ll tell you about it. In early 1942, the Winnipeg Victory Loan Committee needed to sell more Victory   Read More. . .

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Sailing on Ice:
Project Habbakuk

Geoffrey Pyke was a man who was always coming up with some kind of crazy, zany, improbable, yet often practical idea.  During World War I, he was captured and thrown into a POW camp while serving as a war correspondent.  He escaped by hiding in a shed which he noticed that, die to the way the Sun hit at a particular time, would obscure   Read More. . .

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